Best Food Processors – Raw Thoughts and Feelings

nycCan you be a career woman and a successful home cook? Of course!

The best food processors will help you juggle those roles, saving you lots of time in the kitchen.

After years of preparing meals for my family, I have had a lot of help from great food processors and certainly there were the less successful ones I’ve tested too.

In this blog I would like to share the wonders of food processors, how to buy them and which ones are the best!

How to Choose the Best Food Processor

I will provide some quick tips here about how to choose a food processor. You will be using the food processor a lot in your kitchen if you cook regularly, so make sure you choose the right one that will help you save a lot meal preparation time. I find that it is easier and less confusing if you think about choosing a food processor in this order:


  1. Size – First things first. How much food do you usually prepare? For 1 – 3 persons, get a small food processor; 4 – 6 persons a medium one, and a large one if you’re cooking for more than 7 persons. You can find my list of food processors according to cup size here.
  2. Power – How much will you use it? Higher power or wattage will make food processing faster and more efficient for heavy use. But if you’re not looking for a heavy duty machine there’s no need to spend more for the extra power.
  3. Versatility and extras – Would you like the food processor to do other stuff like juicing or blending? Do you want different size bowls and blades for flexibility in meal size? More isn’t always good news especially when it means a load on the price tag, so make sure the extras bring you value if you’re paying for them.

After narrowing down your choices, make sure these features are also included:

shredding discs

  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • A variety of slicing/shredding disks
  • A large feed tube or chute
  • Non slip and sturdy base
  • Safety locking features
  • A good warranty

You can read more in my guide of how to choose the best food processor here. To find out why I’m recommending food processors, read my story here.

Best Food Processor Reviews 2015

I have used and reviewed a lot of good food processors, and here are the reviews of my top rated food processors.

Best Baby Food Processors

Make your own baby food so that baby can eat as healthily as the rest of the family. Baby will get more variety and nutrition from food you make yourself and one appliance that will make this easy for you is the baby food processor. The baby food processor basically steams and chops up the ingredients into a puree. Make bottles of baby food ahead and store them in the fridge for quick reheat later!


Read my baby food processor reviews:

Read my full post on the best baby food processors here.

I have more reviews of food processors in best food processors according to cup size post and my blog page – Check it out! In this blog, you will find pointers in buying a food processor, product reviews, compare the ratings, and some guides to put your food processor to good use. If you are not sure whether you should be buying a food processor or a blender, read this post.

My Food Processor Story

I strive to ensure that mealtimes are delicious, fun and nutritious. While I believe doing things the old-fashioned way brings out the best in ingredients, I cannot deny that times are moving fast. Spending too much time preparing food would probably result in the fast-food delivery guy knocking on the door, and my kids devouring all the calorie-laden pizzas, burgers, fries, etc.

Now, advancement in the cooking industry has yielded machines that make the cooking process faster and easier. One of the machines that I rave about is my food processor. Most of those that I reviewed are best rated food processors recommended by magazines, consumer reports and home users reviews at Amazon. This gadget is most helpful in doing the little tasks that actually consume much time, such as chopping garlic or onions finely. Using it eliminates a great deal of time compared to using the knife, and you won’t have lingering smells on your hand. Besides chopping, I use it to blend, puree and even mix dough for baking breads, cakes and biscuits.

In the past, we would have to buy a separate dough mixer, blender, slicer, grater, chopper and many others for each purpose in the cooking process. We end up with more rarely used appliances cluttering the kitchen. With today’s “all-in-one” food processors, using one single motor to power the machine, we are able to perform many tasks with it – just by switching the blades for different works. This equates to cost efficiency, low maintenance, and best of all it really does cut down preparation time!

Top Food Processor Brands

Food Processor – Guide & Quick Links

Well, owning a good food processor can really make your life easier. Hope you enjoy reading this food processor reviews blog. Go to my blog for more.

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